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Bevan Rees | Curriculum Vitae


Russian lecture tour 2005
Irkutsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Novosibirsk State University of Architecture / Novosibirsk State Museum
Tyumen Pedagological State University

Russian lecture tour 2003: "Architecture From The Edge" / "From Under-Down-Under With Love"
Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
The Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts, Saint-Petersburg
Novosibirsk State Museum / III Novosibirsk International Biennial of Graphic Arts, Siberia

TAN / UTAS Millstone To Touchstone Seminar 1999: “The Business of Place in Tasmania: Place in Design”

RAIA Tasmanian Architectural Narratives Cranbrook 1998: "If Architecture Is The Answer Then What Are The Questions ?"

Royal Society of Tasmania 1994: "Yes I’ve Got Them on The List and They'll None of Them Be Missed"

Greening Australia Roadside Vegetation Management Seminar Series 1991: "The Road to Gundagai and Other Reflections"

Biennial Oceanic Architectural Education Congress 1987: "Points"

Royal Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Convention 1979: "Sullivans Cove - Some Thoughts Arising"

Education Department of Tasmania Art Teachers Seminar 1974: "Art and the Environment"


Tasmanian Film Corporation / 35mm Film Script 1979
"Tasmanian Architecture" ( Tasmanian Film Corp / Department of Housing & Construction )

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